We value our culture and traditions as Genesiis, and we make every effort to support them. [2022 October]

Genesiis Software Ltd continued its fulfilment of Corporate Social Responsibility by stretching a helping hand to a remote corner of the island in response to a request made by Rev. Kelegama Wimalananda Thero, the chief incumbent of Sri Abhinawaramaya, Bolpanawa, Digannewa in Nikaweratiya electorate.

Genesiis focused its attention on a nascent temple situated in the diminutive village of Kelegama, an area coming under the purview of Wimalananda Thero. This temple – headed by Viharadhipathi Wimalananda Thero and Viharadhikari Dhammananda Thero of Purana Viharaya, Kelegama, Veheragoda – gives spiritual and social leadership to nearly 160 dayakayas in the village. 

With a view of developing the temple, Genesiis surveyed the requirements and identified the need to provide sanitary facilities for the resident priests and the community, and proceeded to construct these facilities which were made available to the temple in October 2022.