Donating over Rs 2 million in equipment to the Kebithigollewa Hospital [2023 April]

Genesiis Software (Pvt) Ltd a leading software developer and IT company (topjobs, GIS) donated essential medical supplies to Kebithigollewa Base Hospital and installed a much-needed Air Conditioning system at the Emergency Treatment Unit (ETU) recently.

On behalf of the hospital, the donation was received by Dr. Gayan Dayaratna, Renal Medical Officer, Base Hospital, Kebithigollewa.

Kebithigollewa Base Hospital (Anuradhapura District) is almost 270 km from Colombo and in surrounding areas, the majority of the community is in the low-income bracket struggling to meet their daily needs with their medical requirements being fulfilled by this government hospital. The lack of essential medicine in the current dire economic situation puts the community – particularly the children and elderly at risk. Kidney disease is particularly prevalent and daily treatment is essential to save lives. The donation of such drugs and medicines by GENESIIS was highly commended by Dr. Gayan Dayaratna, the hospital staff, and by the patients attending the hospital seeking treatment.

The installation of air conditioning units for the ETU of the hospital was a long-felt requirement and was a major part of this project. GENESIIS hopes that the donation of these medicines and infrastructure will benefit thousands of patients who seek the services and medical care from the hospital.