Provide sanitary facilities for the temple of Kelegama – October 2022

Upgraded sanitary facilities needed for resident priests and the community

Donating Medical Supplies To The Kebithigollewa Hospital – April 2023

Donated essential medical supplies installed a much-needed Air Conditioning system at the Emergency Treatment Unit (ETU) 

Overseas ICT Consultation

Genesiis awarded ICT consultancy for the Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries, Kingdom of Cambodia

topjobs – #1 job site in Sri Lanka 


X’mas dance – work hard and Party even harder.

At our company, we throw epic Christmas parties at awesome locations with delicious food, great music, and lots of dancing. It's a total blast! We...

GENESIIS cricket tournaments. The WSW trophy

Cricket is our ultimate passion! Every year, we organize the highly anticipated WSW Trophy, an epic indoor cricket tournament that brings together teams from various...

Movie days – because we are all AVATARS AND TOPGUNS

We're big movie enthusiasts, and we love a good day out! Every now and then, we treat the entire group to a trip to the...

Genesiis inter-company eye clinic – having 20/20 vision is a must for us to hit our targets

The Genesiis HR team organized an annual eye camp to test the employees' vision and arrange for discounted spectacle purchases that employees could reimburse through...

Genesiis company health camp 2023 – making sure everyone’s engines are tuned for the next adventure

It is critical to maintain one's personal fitness and health. The Genesiis HR team organizes an annual health camp to help employees stay fit and...

Product Development

Product Development

Product development is the core business of Genesiis. The entire process of bringing a product to market is referred to as product development. It also includes bringing an old product to a new market and updating an already existing product. This entails determining the demands of the market, conceptualizing the product, developing the product roadmap, launching the product, and gathering customer feedback.

A crucial component of product design is new product development (NPD). The procedure doesn’t finish till the end of the product life cycle. By upgrading or including new features, you can iteratively create new versions while continuing to gather customer input. Genesiis assists all clients in obtaining industry-standard procedures while creating new goods or services.

We contribute to developing small or mass-scale software applications for government and other private organizations. Our experience and expertise will support you to guide or develop software products or services to fulfil the organization’s requirements.




Genesiis is having well-experienced diversity resources. The subject expertise is willing to conduct sessions on respective areas including Software development, Agile, Jira, HR, Payroll, Digital Marketing, etc. We provide an initial consultation free of charge and detailed analysis and implementation will conduct for a reasonable budgetary plan. We provide consulting services to both domestic and foreign businesses. For a few consultations, we collaborate with overseas parties too.




The purpose of training is to increase one’s ability, capacity, productivity, and performance. It serves as the foundation of apprenticeships and the cornerstone of the curriculum at technology institutes (sometimes referred to as technical colleges or polytechnics). Training may continue past initial competence to retain, upgrade, and update skills throughout the working life, in addition to the basic training necessary for a trade, occupation, or profession. This type of training may be referred to as professional development by people in certain professions and occupations.

Genesiis also offers training in a variety of subjects, including Java, creating use cases, change management, agility, team building, JIRA, social media, marketing, etc. Our collection of resources is highly skilled and knowledgeable. They will be permitted to voluntarily offer any kind of training to government agencies. Additionally, the resource pool at Genesiis is prepared to offer needed training for IT and non-IT companies at a fair price. Additionally, Genesiis’ special skill team will assist in providing distinctive training that is tailored to client needs. Project management, Java, JIRA, and SCRUM are all specialized fields.