Provide sanitary facilities for the temple of Kelegama – October 2022

Upgraded sanitary facilities needed for resident priests and the community

Donating Medical Supplies To The Kebithigollewa Hospital – April 2023

Donated essential medical supplies installed a much-needed Air Conditioning system at the Emergency Treatment Unit (ETU) 

Overseas ICT Consultation

Genesiis awarded ICT consultancy for the Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries, Kingdom of Cambodia

topjobs – #1 job site in Sri Lanka 


X’mas dance – work hard and Party even harder.

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GENESIIS cricket tournaments. The WSW trophy

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Movie days – because we are all AVATARS AND TOPGUNS

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Genesiis inter-company eye clinic – having 20/20 vision is a must for us to hit our targets

The Genesiis HR team organized an annual eye camp to test the employees' vision and arrange for discounted spectacle purchases that employees could reimburse through...

Genesiis company health camp 2023 – making sure everyone’s engines are tuned for the next adventure

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Product Development

Product Development

Product development is the core business of Genesiis. The entire process of bringing a product to market is referred to as product development. It also includes bringing an old product to a new market and updating an already existing product. This entails determining the demands of the market, conceptualizing the product, developing the product roadmap, launching the product, and gathering customer feedback.

A crucial component of product design is new product development (NPD). The procedure doesn’t finish till the end of the product life cycle. By upgrading or including new features, you can iteratively create new versions while continuing to gather customer input. Genesiis assists all clients in obtaining industry-standard procedures while creating new goods or services.

We contribute to developing small or mass-scale software applications for government and other private organizations. Our experience and expertise will support you to guide or develop software products or services to fulfil the organization’s requirements.

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Genesiis is having well-experienced diversity resources. The subject expertise is willing to conduct sessions on respective areas including Software development, Agile, Jira, HR, Payroll, Digital Marketing, etc. We provide an initial consultation free of charge and detailed analysis and implementation will conduct for a reasonable budgetary plan. We provide consulting services to both domestic and foreign businesses. For a few consultations, we collaborate with overseas parties too.

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We value our culture and traditions as Genesiis, and we make every effort to support them. [2022 October]

Genesiis Software Ltd continued its fulfilment of Corporate Social Responsibility by stretching a helping hand to a remote corner of the island in response to a request made by Rev. Kelegama Wimalananda Thero, the chief incumbent of Sri Abhinawaramaya, Bolpanawa, Digannewa in Nikaweratiya electorate.

Genesiis focused its attention on a nascent temple situated in the diminutive village of Kelegama, an area coming under the purview of Wimalananda Thero. This temple – headed by Viharadhipathi Wimalananda Thero and Viharadhikari Dhammananda Thero of Purana Viharaya, Kelegama, Veheragoda – gives spiritual and social leadership to nearly 160 dayakayas in the village. 

With a view of developing the temple, Genesiis surveyed the requirements and identified the need to provide sanitary facilities for the resident priests and the community, and proceeded to construct these facilities which were made available to the temple in October 2022.

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We support the people who feed puppies and donated to Mith sewana [2022 March]

Genesiis Software (Pvt) Ltd, continued its corporate social responsibility obligations by making donations to two social service organizations, Mith Sewana and Animal Welfare and Protection Association (AWPA).

The two beneficiaries were given much-needed essential equipment; received by Ms. Wathsala De Alwis, Superintendent, Mith Sewana, and Ms. Shiona Weerasekera, Secretary, AWPA. Mith Sewana is a government-specialized Child Rehabilitation Centre, managed under the Department of Social Services- Western Province located in Bellanthara Road, Dehiwala. It accommodates and looks after 76 girls with special needs. Genesiis’s CSR initiative contributed by providing comfortable mattresses, pillows, and mattress covers for their all hostels replacing unusable items. AWPA Shelter is a registered association in Sri Lanka governed by a committee of volunteers committed to caring of stray, abandoned, and abused dogs and cats on a non-profit basis. They mostly relied on the generosity of the volunteers and donations. The donated items were essential pet products, food, grocery items, and comfortable pet care for the animals. The distinctive service rendered by these social organizations drew Genesiis’s attention to select them as their beneficiaries this year.

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As much as we care about our employees’ well-being, We see helping others as part of our corporate responsibility. [2022 March]

Genesiis Software (Pvt) Ltd donated much-needed medical equipment to the Apeksha Hospital, Maharagama and the Leprosy Hospital, Hendala as a part of its CSR initiative. The equipment and other required essentials were received by Ms. Wickramasinghe, Administrative Officer, Apeksha Hospital and Dr. (Ms) Neththasinghe, Medical Officer, Leprosy Hospital. This donation will benefit numerous patients seeking medical care from these institutions.

The National Cancer Institute of Sri Lanka (Apeksha Hospital) provides its services to over 60,000 patients. Leprosy is a chronic infectious disease and although being curable, remains a significant public health challenge Sri Lanka with new case detection rates fluctuating at around 10 per 100,000 populations and the Hendala Leprosy hospital is the main treatment center. GENESIIS Software commenced operations in 2001 as a small technology start-up and has now become a well-established software and GIS services company with the majority of SMEs and large corporates using its cloud-enabled platforms daily.

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WorldView-1 Satellite Sensor (0.46m)

WorldView-1 satellite sensor was successfully launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base, California, U.S.A., at 11:35 Hrs Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) on September 18th, 2007. Operating at an altitude of 496 kilometers, WorldView-1 satellite has an average revisit time of 1.7 days and is capable of collecting up to 750,000

state-of-the-art geo location capabilities and exhibits stunning agility with rapid targeting and efficient in-track stereo collection.

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IKONOS Satellite Sensor (0.82m)

Maxar’s IKONOS satellite sensor was successfully launched on September 24, 1999 at Vandenberg Air Force Base, California, USA. The IKONOS Satellite sensor is a high-resolution satellite operated by Maxar. Its capabilities include capturing a 3.2m multispectral, Near-Infrared (NIR) / 0.82m panchromatic mapping of natural resources and of natural disasters,tax mapping, agriculture and forestry analysis, mining, engineering, construction, and change detection.

It can yield relevant data for nearly all aspects of environmental study. IKONOS images have also been procured by Satellite Imaging Corporation for use in the media and motion picture industries, providing aerial views and satellite photos for many areas around the world. Its high resolution data makes an integral contribution to homeland security, coastal monitoring and facilitates 3D Digital Terrain Models and Digital Elevation Models.

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QuickBird Satellite Sensor (0.65m)

Maxar’s QuickBird satellite sensor was successfully launched October 18, 2001 at Vandenberg Air Force Base, California, USA. Using a state-of-the-art BGIS 2000 sensor (PDF), QuickBird satellite collects image data to 0.65m pixel resolution degree of detail. This satellite is an excellent source of environmental data useful for analysis of changes in land usage, agricultural and forest climates. QuickBird’s imaging capabilities can be applied to a host of industries, including Oil and Gas Exploration & Production (E&P),Engineering and Construction and environmental studies.

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Elevation Products

Maxar’s Advanced Elevation products provide the highest quality digital elevation models (DEMs), available off-the-shelf or custom-built. These models are GIS ready. Therefore you need not to focus on processing. You can focus on your analysis. With global coverage and options for accuracy and resolution, these models can be used in a very effective way. Traditional satellite imagery provides only 2D vision on the ground. But the world is a three-dimensional place, and 2D imagery only shows part of the picture.

Our elevation models enable you to measure and analyze your project in 3D to make your work more worthwhile. Maxar’s elevation models are a key component in a variety of geospatial applications like in construction planning, disaster modeling, hazard assessment, telco applications, volumetrics and change detection, lithology, geology and geophysics analysis.

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Deimos-2 satellite sensor (0.75m)

Deimos-2 is a minisatellite of Deimos Imaging satellite constellation, launched in June 19, 2014. It is a follow-on imaging mission of Deimos-1 Imaging S. L. U., an Elecnor company of Boecillo, Spain.Deimos-2 provides 0.75m resolution imagery with a 12 km swath and a high revisit rate. It is aimed at operating an agile minisatellite for high-resolution EO (Earth Observation) applications. provides 1 m panchromatic and 4 m multispectral images in a swath of 12 km at nadir, at an orbit altitude of ~600 km.

The multispectral capability includes 4 channels in the visible and near-infrared spectral range (red, green, blue and NIR).

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