Satellite Images For Macro Economic Development

Satellite Images For Macro Economic Development

Satellite imagery for macro planning and project development is not new and has been actively used for over 40 years. But in the past, it has been very expensive.

How can we use satellite imagery in Sri Lanka and how can it help us?

We can use satellite imagery for a number of activities from town planning to road building to maritime mapping and surveillance.

Satellite imagery gives us a very accurate birds-eye view of everything on the earth as small as 15cm in length.

This accurate snapshot can be further dissected to give us an array of important data for project planners and engineers.

Taking multiple images over a period of time allows us to analyze patterns and changes of a particular area and even provide a macro perspective to the health of crops and the soil.

For maritime surveillance, a radar satellite image enables you to detect vessels as small as 10 meters in length in the ocean.

For large-scale projects such as techno-parks, high-ways, irrigation, and water projects, satellite imagery can be very useful in feasibility studies, pre and on-going planning, and ongoing observations. for example, identifying water tanks for rehabilitation, and forest areas for preservation.

Who has used satellite imagery before?

Many countries have successfully utilised satellite imagery services. India, for example, has already taken initiatives to integrate satellite imagery into their planning, in sectors like agriculture, forestry, e-governance, water, tourism, urban and rural development.

In Greece, satellite images are even used by the tax department to catch tax-evaders by analyzing new constructions against building alterations.

Satellite imagery coupled with GPS has become the primary and most effective solution for vessel monitoring and fisheries, policing smuggling, and illegal migrations.

The budget of 2020 sought to uplift the Sri Lanka economy via ambitious but much required large-scale infrastructure developments in roads irrigation power and water sectors. All these areas would be greatly benefited by the use of satellite imagery for accurate pre-planning and monitoring and most importantly by minimising miss-calculations and wastage.

Image : Different applications of satellite images

Sri Lanka is currently facing immense overfishing issues with its neighbors and international fishing fleets. As witnessed throughout the world, these issues can be reduced by using tried and tested radar satellite surveillance to track illegal fishing against vessels with proper licensing and GPS trackers.

Currently, we have seen a public outcry for Forrest conservation and arguments over the provision of forest buffer lands for economic development. These issues can be monitored to pinpoint accuracy using satellite technology.

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