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GIS Software Development

GENESIIS combines its best practice software development services and methodology with GIS applications development, to produce user-friendly software applications that are linked with GIS data and systems. GENESIIS offers the following services:

Providing Consultancy, Technical Expertise and Software Development resources
GIS Applications.

  • Use of Desktop GIS and Remote Sensing Software for Engineering Applications, such as Environmental Engineering, Geo-technical Engineering and for areas such as Water Pollution, Biodiversity etc
  • Installation, Configuration of GIS Hardware, such as GPS equipment
  • Build Programmed interfaces for Hardware such as sophisticated survey equipment (EDM Models)
  • Provide special purpose Software/Models for GIS Applications. Eg. Build GIS Models
  • Implement GIS Applications for Global Market
GIS Software Development

  • Develop GIS Process Models (Systems based on Engines built on GIS Concepts)
  • Apply Remote Sensing/GIS knowledge to build online applications
  • Build System software as Add-ons to support available GIS Software Systems
  • Integrate Map Server technologies with Custom made GIS Applications
  • Provide GIS based solutions to Mobile Devices
Broad Areas of Interest in Remote Sensing/GIS Applications

  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Transportation
  • Geology
  • Construction of Survey Maps
  • Coast Conservation
  • Digital Terrain Modeling/Digital Elevation Modeling with use of Satellite Imagery
  • Environmental Projects
  • Use of special Survey Equipment/Hardware for Applications
  • Marine Pollution
  • Build user interfaces for Digital Survey Equipment
  • GPS Integrated Applications
  • Hydrographic Surveying, Data processing and Bathymetry Modeling
  • Forestry
  • Air/Water Pollution
  • Urban Development
For each of the above areas GENESIIS will help you with.
  • Data Acquisition and Manage/Implement Databases
  • Build Information Systems for Data Management and Processing
  • Implement GIS analysis
  • Build GIS Models to automate Analysis
The team would also be backed up by a group of GIS experts in the country from Local Academic Institutes for specific Engineering based applications. For specific application-oriented tasks, expertise would be consulted from specialists in the relevant area.

Please contact us to find out more about GIS Software Development and GIS Services.