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Remote Sensing: An Overview

What is Remote Sensing?

Example of a Passive Sensor
Remote sensing is a technique used to collect data about the earth without taking a physical sample of the earth's surface. A sensor is used to measure the energy reflected from the earth. This information can be displayed as a digital image or as a photograph. Sensors can be mounted on a satellite orbiting the earth or on a plane or other airborne structure.

Example of an Active Sensor
  Active sensors are different from passive sensors. Unlike passive sensors, active sensors require the energy source to come from within the sensor. For example, a laser-beam remote sensing system is an active sensor that sends out a beam of light with a known wavelength and frequency. This beam of light hits the earth and is reflected back to the sensor, which records the time it took for the beam of light to return.

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What Can You Do with Remotely Sensed Data?

Incorporating Remote Sensing Data into a GIS

Remote sensing and GIS technologies were initially developed for different purposes. However, both of these resources can provide information about the earth's resources. Advancements in computer hardware and software technology now make it possible for data from these sources to be easily integrated.

Most GIS software packages allow remotely sensed data to be imported or at least viewed, within the software application. This ability allows the analyst to overlay remote sensing data layers with other spatial data layers. Analysts use remotely sensed imagery with GIS data sets for a variety of reasons, including providing a continuous regional view of the areas and extracting GIS data layers, such as contours or building footprints. click to view example image >>


PG-STEAMER is a professional remote sensing software using for the processing, analysis, visualization and documentation purposes.

The key feature of PG-STEAMER is its real time data processing capabilities which are a unique and very advanced technology for the processing of unlimited sized data in real time.

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